Monday, July 23, 2007

Grown a LOT in 2 weeks!

The picture on the left is the one I posted about 2 weeks ago and the one on the right was taken yesterday. I can REALLY tell the difference and just feel like I have totally pooched out in the past couple of weeks! There's no way anyone can say they can't see a pooch now!!! (Janette! Michelle! Yes you!)

I am so glad to finally be "showing" in a way that (hopefully and selfishly) strangers don't think it's leftover baby weight from Taylor Joy. I know that's dumb and I'm pretty much over caring what other people think of me at this point. I know that most of the time anyway I don't even get a second glance when I'm with Taylor, which is all the time. And that's FINE with me! I get all the glances I need from my hubby. He seriously LOVES the extra "thickness"(as he calls it) on my body. Yay for that!

I love that there is a little baby inside that we get to love on in less than 5 months.

I love that I can feel that babe kicking and moving around inside of me.

I love that Taylor Joy loves the baby and gives it kisses and raspberries.

I love that she really has no idea what kissing my belly means.

I love that a life is growing inside of me at every minute of the day, whether or not I am aware of it, no matter what I'm doing.

It reminds me that sometimes I have to stop, slow down and enjoy a little kick, give a little rub, read a book, or sing to that little one.

It reminds me that our Heavenly Father is constantly ready to meet with us. He never stops His work whether or not we are a part of it. He never stops growing or changing His people as long as we allow it. He's always available to us. The God of the Universe...available to US. Crazy. Our time given away to Him or His work is always a blessing to Him and blesses us in return.

A sweet little lesson from my sweet little fetus ALREADY! Wow! Children are a blessing in so many ways and they teach me so much about our Lord.

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  1. That's so awesome! I'm so excited for you Kendra :)



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