Sunday, July 01, 2007

Doggy Love

Yes, as you can see she was showing Angel some love, but was unsure when it actually happened. I'm quite sure you will either think this is the cutest ever or the grossest ever. Enjoy either way!


  1. I think it's pretty adorable ... as is Taylor Joy! Hope yall have a wonderful week and a Happy 4th!

  2. Brittney10:00 AM

    Ha ha.. she'll do anything for Angel's love and attention!

  3. Kendra! I miss ya'll so much! I cannot wait to see ya'll! I have so much to tell you, man how I'm in love with Zambia! It's 7:25am here in London, my flight leaves at 10am, and I get back to Houston at 2! I'll be at church Sunday adn cannot wait to see you and everyone!! Love you!


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