Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sugar, Spice and All That's Nice

Lately our little girl has been just that...such a little girl. She has tons of "babies" as we call them - stuffed animals of any kind, little bunnies, bears, baby dolls, etc. She loves to hold them and give them hugs and it is SO sweet. The sign for hug is crossing your arms over your chest. Well, I tend to exaggerate it a little to get the point across so I sway a little while I'm showing her. She does it just like me every time! It's precious to see how nurturing and sweet little girls are from the very beginning and just how differently God created boys and girls. Most little boys I know are obsessed with trains, trucks and wheels and my little girl is busy pulling out all her "babies" to give hugs to.

She's sugar and spice and all that's nice. That's what little girls are made of.


  1. That is so sweet! Boys and girls are so different. Josiah's favorite thing to do with stuffed animals is tackle them. Seriously.

  2. Girls are so sweet. I get the sweetness double time! But Anika has some boy in her because of her daddy. She loves to play fight and wrestle. Taylor is so cute!!

  3. Praise the Lord for a super sweet Taylor Joy!!! I hope that today was a better one!!!

  4. She is just too cute!

    I want a GIRL!!!

    Have I mentioned that I want a girl?

  5. Melodi6:12 PM

    You've got it so right. Boys and girls are night and day kind of different! Danaya does the same thing with baby dolls and stuffed animals, making a humming sound as she hugs them. I love it! I don't remember Hannah doing this at such a young age. I was reading the other day that it's a good idea to have a box or shelf in each room that belongs to our children. They suggested putting things in the box that mimic what they see us doing - like pots, pans, etc. Whatever we do in that particular room. It's so true that they'd rather be doing what we're doing than playing with the beautiful toys that we buy them or that other people buy them. Good food for thought for me....

  6. Melodi,

    I've thought about that and really try to involve Taylor in my day rather than making everyday all about her and doing some other things on the side. She watches me do dishes, cook, get ready in the morning, make the bed, do laundry, pick up, etc. and I narrate what I'm doing so she knows that helping out around the house is important and learns how to help at an early age and become a woman with "domestic abilities" (if you will) and not one whose whole day revolves around her. That's a good idea about the basket in each room. We have definitely found that she's interested in whatever we are interested in.


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