Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My newest projects

My newest projects have involved pillowcases, ribbons, thread, and a sewing machine. I have come to despise patterns. The last time I used a "pattern" I ended up with a skirt that flapped open during church with Allen sitting next to me going, "Honey, is it supposed to do THAT???" No more patterns for me.

These pillowcase dresses are so simple. Go buy a pillowcase. Measure your child, a girl preferably, from her shoulders down to where you want the dress to hit. Measure the pillowcase and cut however much from the top (closed side). Cut out armholes. I made Taylors about 3" deep. For older girls you might go 4". Fold it and cut out a J, pretty much. Make a casing at the top, front and back about an inch thick and string some 1/2 " elastic through with a safety pin. Then grab some double folded binding and sew it up and down the armholes leaving about 10" on the top of each to tie. See? SO simple.

Now if all that made no sense I would be happy to make one for your little princess too. ;)

This one is a little different. I just added casing in the middle and strung the ribbon through and shortened it a bit since Taylor was having a hard time crawling in the longer dress. Still very simple.


  1. That is SO CUTE! I've heard of making them for grown ups...skirts out of king sized pillow cases, but never could find a package opened, so I could see how long the skirt would actually be.

    I love these!!!

    I need a GIRL!!!!!

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM

    You are so cute Kendra. I love these!

    <3, Janette

  3. Great job, Kendra. Those are really cute. I've been sewing up a storm over here lately, but I'd love a little girl to do it for!

  4. Ashley Walker4:36 PM

    You are so talented Kennersuela...can you make me a big girl one? Taylor is getting so big and is so CUTE! :)

  5. Cute dress! When we get out of school for the summer. I am going to try and make my girls some summer clothes, too. I'll call you if I need any help OK!


  6. I am unbelievably impressed. If I ever have a daughter, I'll be calling you for dresses.

  7. Yes another who sews!!
    I love to sew when i have time.
    The dress is so cute, You did a great job!

  8. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Hey Kendra,

    The dresses are absolutely beautiful! I would like to know how you came up with such a neat idea. I like to sew in my spare time (when I have it :-)). If I bought the pillowcases do you think you could show me how to cut the armholes, and teach me how to sew on the ribbon. This would make great summer dresses for my little (or getting not so little anymore) princess, Kaylynn.

    Becky Schafer


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