Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More Firsts

So many firsts in the last couple of weeks for Taylor Joy! Where do I start?

First signs (besides bye bye): she started doing signs for bath and more

First imitations: she has started trying to clap when we say "YAY"! She will imitate what we say and what we do. If we say "ah" she says it, if she sees me dancing, she bops, if she sees my foot moving, she'll move hers, etc.

First words (besides bye bye and dada): she said bubble last week when we were at Babies and Books at the library and the teacher was blowing bubbles. I was like, "WHAT did you just say? You are 9 months old!" She's said it only a couple of times since then. She attempts to say many other things like Angel (my parents dog), ball and tee tee.

First time walking with one hand only! I have a feeling she'll be on her own REALLY soon!

Here's Taylor in her Cinderella dress from Heather's wedding this weekend. She went to the reception and made her way walking all around. What a silly girl! Everyone loved her!

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  1. SERIOUSLY!!!! She is so cute and growing up right before my very eyes (through this blasted computer screen!). I miss you Dutys so much! Love you guys!


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