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I've been going through the HUGE CD Tower of all the CD's I've ever owned and never wanted to do anything with (Allen has suggested at least once that I go through them). Some happened to just be the cases, there for display, no CD to be found. And SOME made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. Get ready...

Boyz II Men, my VERY FIRST CD. Because it's sentimental I kinda don't want to get rid of it. Think about all the hits: On Bended Knee, I'll Make Love to You, 50 Candles, need I go on?

Snow...Informer, anyone? In case you were like me and never knew what he was saying just kinda said "watermelon, watermelon" to the music, I looked it up and here's the lyrics:

"Informer, you no say Daddy me Snow me I'll go blame,
A licky Boom Boom Down.
Detective mon said Daddy me Snow me stab someone down the lane,
A licky Boom Boom Down.
Informer, you no say Daddy me Snow me I'll go blame,
A licky Boom Boom Down.
Detective mon said Daddy me Snow me stab someone down the lane,
A licky Boom Boom Down."

Is this supposed to mean something? I really don't know...

This one was one of my all time favorites when I was younger. Me and my friend Misti used to make up dances to it and even did the Karoake Video thing at Six Flags to "Whatta Man". That's right. The one and only... Salt n' Pepa.

After looking at the names of some of these songs, this has to go IMMEDIATELY. I'm just glad I didn't know what some of this stuff meant then...

One of me and Allen's favorite CD's from high school...funny, right?

Where did this one come from... I seriously have NO idea. I have never listened to this before in my life.

Blaque? What in the world was I thinking?

Who is this guy? He's like an Native American country singer!?!

What happened to this girl? She's so cute!

And lastly, I'm a little embarrassed to say that I really did (do) like this CD. Ha!

Go on and make fun of me or call me if you want to come over and reminisce over "Somebody's Gettin' On My Nerves" or "Shoop"!


  1. So....I've heard of like two of those C.D.s hahaha!! I love you!! wow 98 that came out when I was like in the 3rd grade...hahaha!! Have a great time thinking about the eighties!!!


  2. Brittney (aka Aunt B)8:12 PM

    Did I ever tell you that I got caught buying the Blaque CD? And that my friends read your blog? There is no doubt I'll hear about this tomorrow.

    And before you try to turn this around, I remember buying it AFTER you!

  3. Hosey...for real? The eighties? You think I listened to this stuff when I was like 5? These CD's were like the height of 90's music, especially my girls t-boz, left eye and whatever the other one's name was (aka Salt n Pepa, since you have no idea who they are).

    And Brittney, when was this? Recently? You make me laugh out loud. I love you.

  4. That's so funny! You guys have excellent taste. Thomas totally busted out the original Boyz II Men CD a few weeks ago, and oh the memories! Salt n Pepa were some of my faves--I remember making up aerobics routines to Whatta Man in junior high.

  5. My initial reaction was, "I wonder if any of the youth know about this blog?". I now know.

    The third member of TLC was Chili.

    I'm planning on singing Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You" in my wedding.

    Informer... hilarious... and terrible.

    Finally: Shoop... a guilty pleasure song of mine.

    Love you.

  6. Hey You know I was like 5 in the 90's!! My 90 music was Nysnc and Backstreet boys!!


    haha!! I know man J.C. all the way.....

  7. Ridiculous! Kendra, the other day when you were telling me about this endeavor with your cd collection it made me laugh, but to see the pictures of those classics... that was just too much. I have to admit that I totally had most of the ones you mentioned... including Blaque. Sad day for the 90's music scene!

  8. This was histarical to read. I was in Highschool in the 90's and totally remember all of those except....

    Blaque???? Who are these people and what do they sing?



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