Tuesday, February 20, 2007

9 Months and Counting

Our little one turned 9 months on Saturday! She's such a big girl! All she ever wants to do it walk. She has to be holding your fingers, of course, but man she really goes!

Lately she has been doing this face where she squishes up her nose when she smiles or even without smiling, it's hilarious. Here's a good shot of it.

She went to the doctor on Friday for her 9 month checkup and we found out her stats. She's 17 lbs, 1 oz. (25th percentile) and 30 1/2 inches long (WAY off the charts tall!) Everything went great except we had to wait at the lab for like 40 minutes for them to take blood. We seriously had to hold that girl down, and it was so sad. She hated every minute of it. I honestly would have preferred having the shots. She does way better for those.

We went to visit my grandparents and Taylor's great grandparents this weekend and she had a blast. This is Taylor with the other great grandchildren, Kendra and Brooklyn.

She thought she was so big sitting in that chair all by herself. Looks like we'll be getting her one of those!

Apparently Taylor didn't win Regis and Kelly's Beautiful Baby contest...oh well, she's the MOST beautiful baby I've ever seen. How could they turn down this face???


  1. What a beautiful baby girl! What do Regis and Kelly know anyways?

  2. Brittney10:28 PM

    Her little faces are adorable. I can't wait to see the latest and cutest "squishy, scrunchy face". Tell her to get ready for lots of Aunt B in March:)

  3. Her new face is stinking hilarious!!! That's a great picture of it too... so is that the teeny bikini?

  4. Yes, Erin that is THE teeny bikini that she will never wear in public. Not our modest little one.

    Plus, by the time it's ready to go to the pool she will way have outgrown it. But we had to get pictures in it of course.

  5. Sweet Taylor Joy.... I need to come visit so I can see you guys again. By the way, I updated my blog just for you :)

  6. i entered my baby cousin into regis and kelly...we lost too. i think they are just blind to beauty.

    i can't believe how fast that baby girl is growing! seriously, i still am amazed every time i see you, because i'm like, "how did kendra lose that baby weight so quickly" and then i'm like, "oh yah, that was 9 months ago"...for some reason, you will always be pregnant to me.

    in a good way, of course!

    and by the way, you best be starting on my apron for my wedding shower. you never know when i just may be getting married...okay, you have time...


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