Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Mobile Tot

Hey case you haven't heard our Taylor Joy is now crawling! She began a couple of weeks ago and I had been meaning to put some footage of it up. So sorry for the delay, but here it is!

This video doesn't capture our true reluctant crawler who cries the whole time while she's crawling. Usually she is so frustrated that she wants mommy or the toy that mommy is holding that she cries the whole time and it cracks us up. She is actually much better at crawling these days. That was only like the second time she had ever crawled!

In the video I was holding my cell phone which plays music and Mercy Me was motivating her to keep moving. So funny!

In other news, Taylor Joy will be 8 months on Wednesday! What a big girl! Not literally...she weighs about 17 lbs and hasn't gained very much in the past couple of months but has been eating TONS! Guess she will be just like dad in that sense. She says, "dada" all the time, as well as, "buh", "lala" and "gaga". Still no "mama". Oh well. Soon enough. She's pulling up and starting to scale things. She is very proud of her newfound mobility.

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  1. Ahhhh! She's so cute!! What a big girl!

    Love ya'll


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