Monday, December 04, 2006

I've been tagged!

I have been TAGGED! i found this random picture on my computer and since it kinda has something to do with this, here it is. Oh, and what you've all been waiting for... here are five things that you may not know about me...

1. This will probably surprise a few, especially friends from home, but I actually like to watch sports. Especially college football and basketball. The reason this is surprising is because even though I grew up watching football (like literally on the sidelines because I was a cheerleader from 5th grade up), I never once knew who was doing what and why. I didn't know what a down was, all I knew was to cheer "First and 10, do it again!" when they told me to.

Ryan Shipley just admitted to me the other day that when I came with them to the Aggie football games, he and Jon Gilbert were like, "WHY did she even come?" It was usually me, Allen, Ryan and Jon and the whole time I was griping because it was hot and asking Allen, "What just happened?"

So, after me and Allen got married, he finally taught me the rules of the game and now I totally enjoy it! I even did picks during the last two seasons of March Madness and wupped Allen, Jon and Ryan! So...go me!

2. I, like most women, HATE snakes! But with me it's more like a constant fear. They are in my nightmares at least a few times a week, sometimes they are biting and eating me (usually), sometimes they are my friend, sometimes they are animated, just depends on the dream... or nightmare. I really want an herb garden but all I can think about is that I'm going to be digging around and a snake is going to get me.

This one time in Charlotte it was raining outside and I was waiting for a package to come and thought I heard something, so I ran outside and down our front steps, peered around the corner just to make sure I wasn't hearing things and then headed back inside. As I was going back up the steps, I saw a black hose on the side of the house and then noticed that it was wrapped all the way along the front door. Hmm, that's weird, I thought... I never knew we had a black hose. Well, as soon as I realized it wasn't a black hose at all, I was right there next to it and leaping over it to get inside. I don't even know how I had the courage to do it. I slammed the door, locked it up tight, ran to our bedroom, shut and locked the door, jumped on the bed and bawled my eyes out. Then, I thought of ways for the next hour that he might have gotten in the house. I called Allen and the way I was crying he thought the snake had bit me. All that to say, snakes are my worst enemy.

3. Growing up I used to think I wanted to be a fashion designer. I was actually pretty good. My senior year of high school I entered a contest to design your own prom dress in TEEN magazine and WON! They featured me in their magazine and even made my dress for me and I wore it to prom. Looking back it wasn't the most modest dress... So what happened to my designer aspirations? Texas A&M.

4. I am very cheap. I wasn't always this way, but being married to Allen Duty will do that to you. I clip coupons, watch the sales ads and even keep a price book to keep track of sales and which places mark which things the cheapest and when. I buy in bulk when the price is right. Since I have the time to do research it, why not be a good steward of our money?

5. I don't wash my hair everyday. As a matter of fact, I don't even wash my hair every other day sometimes. The fact of the matter is, I could blame it on Taylor, but I really haven't since I got to college. Sometimes my hair even looks better on the second day. For those with long hair especially... I totally recommend my dry shampoo method, which is baby powder. Just sprinkle a little (I got this tip from my sweet sis) and voila! No more oil! At least it works for my hair...and makes my life much easier now that I do have Taylor to tend to.

I hope you enjoyed my five. Now that you know 5 new things about me, go ahead. Share your five. I'm not sure who all has been tagged, so this might be a duplicate, but I tag Lindsey, Rachel, D.O., Lauren, and Ana.

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  1. Kendra...that is AMAZING about your prom dress. Do you have the magazine? We want to see it!


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