Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Our little princess...

Hi, it's Taylor here.

I just wanted to update you on what's going on since mom hasn't done it lately.

I went to the doctor for my 4 month appt. a few weeks ago and it turns out I'm growing...ALOT.

I was 13 lbs, 13 oz. and 25 inches long!

That puts me in the 55% for weight and the 80% for height. Whoo hoo!

Mom says I am starting to get more proportional since the first few times I was like the 50% for weight and the 98% for height.

Also, I have started to like spitting. It started one day when mom was out to eat with a friend and sometimes I just do it when I'm mad. I like the sound.

Nana and Poppa (sp?) came to visit a few weekends ago and I had fun with them. Here is a video of me and Poppa playing.

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And I have been trying to call them and Aunt B on my phone, but for some reason can't get through.

Well, I better get back to eating my hands, squealing, and spitting!


Taylor Tot


  1. "Little Princess" true in every sense of the word! I think you have a lovely blog and your daughter is gorgeous!

  2. Taylor, do you ever blink?

  3. Glad she's enjoying the phone! It was always Josiah's favorite. She's such a cutie.

  4. Oh she is just so cute. So, which one of my boys is she going to marry? Taylor Hendrick. It sounds so hip.

  5. That DOES sound good...okay, I'm all for arranged marriage. Which one will it be???

  6. Well, since technically two first borns are NOT supposed to get married, I guess that narrows it down some. However, I did think it was so weird typing Taylor Hendrick BECAUSE Taylor Hendrick was our girl name when I was pregnant with Anson. Isn't that funny? If she marries one of my boys, I will finally have a Taylor Hendrick in our family!

  7. That would be sooooo cute

  8. That's funny, Heather. It surprises me that it wasn't an A or H. Guess that trend started later.

    Well, my parents were going to name me Alan Joseph if I was a boy. Turns out they got their Allen Joseph several years ago when we got married! Crazy how that worked out...


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