Saturday, October 28, 2006

Front Porch Swingin'

Oh, how I love front porch swingin'...

I had been begging Allen for one for awhile now and I finally got one for my birthday! Just in time to enjoy the lovely weather outside. I say I finally got one, I actually got two. I first ordered one from a company online and the day it arrived I was joyously awaiting the moment we would pull it out of the package and Allen would put it together for me. Much to my disappointment and dismay, we opened the package and found a certified piece of poo. (to quote Allen)

But my husband, with all of his wonderful carpentry skills, decided he would just make me one. And it's beautiful and perfect and I love it! And so does Taylor Joy.

It kind of makes me feel like I'm in The Notebook, sipping my hot tea on the front porch...

Minus the beautiful view of the lake and big plantation home...

And plus a little one wiggling around on my lap...


  1. Allen did a wonderful job on that swing! How fun! I like that you put it on your front porch.

  2. yeah, great job Allen... you're so sweet and sexy.


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