Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Pout

Okay, so Taylor has this pout that could make you cry and laugh at the same time, it's so sweet. Straight from the womb Taylor has been doing this pout and it is absolutely the cutest (and saddest) thing I have ever seen. Like, quite literally she did it in the hospital and still does it sometimes. Do all babies just instinctively know to do this? I know Rachel said Josiah used to do it too. Well, I really wanted to get it on video and she did it at bathtime the other night. Check out the video below. It was right before bathtime and she was having a good time on her tummy and then...the lip came.

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  1. Ashley Walker6:13 PM

    aww Kenners! She is just too cute!

  2. What a lip! I'm so glad you captured it and shared it with us.

  3. Oh SOOOOO cute. I love the pout. Kids are just born with it I think. All of mine did it.

  4. And...Kendra...

    Aaron said that you won at Simon Says last night with HOWARD leading it. That is incredible. Really. I am in AWE of you. You must be a stinkin' genius.


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