Monday, August 21, 2006

5K? No Problem!

Well, he did it! Allen completed his first 5K run this weekend. Hooray! His plan ("Couch to 5K") really works! He crossed the finish line like a pro and we were so proud of him. Seven weeks of getting up way early, running in hundred degree weather, and not to mention being the busiest guy I know (oh, and so dang cute!). Major props!


  1. This seriously inspires me. Way to go A-Dawg! I should really look into this plan (post-maternity). I've always wanted to be a runner.

  2. I'm not really inspired, but I did laugh... and so did everyone else at this car wash place that has free internet.

  3. claire5:37 PM

    i'm so proud...truly proud!

  4. Wow, Allen! That's incredible...and to think I made fun of just reading this makes me want to start...napping.

  5. Way to go Allen! Rusty and I did our first 5K last fall. It was good fun. I thought I could go and just run, and not worry about the time, but the competetive nature in me raised it's ugly head, probably brought on by my husband, who kept saying "You see that woman up there? Catch her!" THAT woman happenned to be wearing a marathon t-shirt. I knew I was not catching her. But, to my benefit, she was in her 40's, and I won my age bracket. Yes, Rusty and I both went home wearing gold medals around our necks, and didn't take them off for days. Did I mention this 5K was in the huge town of Flatonia, Tx. for the Czhilispiel? Competition could have been worse, but it's still my proudest achievement up to date.


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