Monday, July 17, 2006

Who needs naps?

Hi! It's Taylor here. Well, I've decided not to sleep today. It seems to me that I don't need any naps. I really don't want to take one unless mom is holding me while I do it. Otherwise, it's no good. The crib, no good. The carseat, no good. While the vacuum is running, no good. I usually like all of these things. But, not today. I think mom is about to pull her hair out. If you have any advice for her she might not end up bald the next time you see her... he he... no naps! play all day!

Taylor Tot


  1. Oh, how this brings back the memories of little Emma. The baby that would only sleep while lying on me. This is the privelege of being a first baby, little Taylor! Enjoy it! Babies #2 and so on, cannot be high maintenance. They sleep in old, hand-me-down pack n' plays when you manage to get home during their nap time.
    Taylor makes me want another one so badly! She's precious! Rusty won't allow me to sit by y'all in church anymore.

  2. what??? when did this happen???

    (not baby Taylor, the blog)

  3. Ashley Walker2:50 PM

    Hi Kenners and Taylor Tot :),
    Y'all are so cute and I love your new blog...Elizabeth and I are loyal fans of your baby site, but now we will come to your blog! Taylor-you would have fit in great at our apartment because we liked to "play all day" just like you!
    I also see we have a common friend...JENN! Chris and I went to their Countdown class in college--small world! Love you guys!

  4. Ash- Ah! I didn't know you went to that! How cool! Yes, we love the Bacak's! And yes, Taylor loves to "play all day"! I think she made up for yesterday today because she "slept all day"...

    D.O. - you haven't missed much, we're novice bloggers just trying to make it in the blogosphere! ;)

  5. Hey Kendra, Check out our blog spot on taking naps. Somethings never change. Ariana is the second child and is 13 months. You would think she would have taking naps down by now.
    Tell Allen to check out Anika playing Basketball! Check out that Form!! Justin is proud!

  6. Better today?

    If not...I'm NOT KIDDING. We older ladies (not MUCH older, let me remind you) are going to get on this and get it figured out.

    We love you and your beautiful hair too much to let you pull it out.

    Let me know.

  7. It is good to see that I haven't missed much. I'd also like to say that I like "Taylor Tot"... that's cute. Finally, my heart hurts that there is no link to my blog on your page... but I do understand that I have yet to put a link to y'alls on mine (but I bet next time you check, it'll be there, so I'll assume the same for y'all... or something).

  8. She is so stinkin cute!

  9. Will & Janette9:42 AM

    Dang it, you guys are making us get the baby bug with all of the cute pictures! Taylor, you are just too darling!

  10. No kidding about the baby bug, I'm already asking Allen about having another! But Janette, you have to be next...Technically, since we haven't talked in ages (like 2 months probably), you could be that far along! We have to conquer this phone tag dilemma.

    About Taylor...I just have to brag on her a minute. She slept from 9 pm to 7 am last night, ate and is now sleeping from 7:15-now (like 10). Is she amazing or what! Really, we (meaning the church) prayed about this when she was just a little lima bean in my tummy. God is so good to answer our prayers! Now maybe she's not sleeping as much during the day because she sleeps so well at night??? Heather, "older ladies"(what, like 6 years at the most!), what do you think? If that's the case, I much prefer it like it is. Last night is the best I have slept since before I was pregnant.

  11. i'm coming to see taylor tot this weekend!!!!! i hope she's there... i want to meet her and play with her and hold her and love her! :)

  12. sooooo.... i came to c.s. and taylor wasn't there!!!! i missed seeing yall, but hope you're enjoying your summer and time with your precious baby.

  13. claire1:32 PM

    I'll be in cs next week. i must see you and baby taylor! oh i can't wait! i'll call you when i'm there! i love you so much!


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