Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The kids are always funny, but lately Easton has been blowing up our list. Many I didn't include because it's hard to convey the cuteness of the way something is said. I'll have to focus on uploading videos of that little guy. Enjoy this quick version of Dutyisms.

Taylor Joy-isms:

"I'm gonna go to the other bathroom because Beckett stinked it up in there!"


"K is for Kite. L is for Wog." (Classic)

(talking about Jesus) "He came out of the toon!"

(pointing to a picture of Adam) "Is that Jesus or God?"


"Sissy! marters!" (as he brings them to me, knowing full well that he shouldn't be holding them. The markers, that is)

"Uh uh" along with shaking his head (his response to Daddy's gestures toward him) It eventually leads to "NOOO Dah-dee!" Many times he gets confused who he is talking to and says, "NOOO Mah-Dee!" (a combo of Mommy and Daddy)

"EYE EYE EYE EYE!" (along with pointing) He gets very excited about the different body parts that he knows.

As soon as Easton wakes up from a nap, he looks around for Daddy and if Daddy isn't home he says, "Daddy! Weave! Keys!" (Daddy left with his keys is what he means to convey). Cutie pie.
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