Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Our Annual Pumpkin Patch pictures...

Beckett looking like such a big boy

Taylor Joy painting her pretty pumpkin. Her painting skills have improved each year. So thankful for that. Being a perfectionist mom is not easy when you are crafting with your kids. That part of me wants to grab the paintbrush out of her hand and take over, forgetting that she is little and learning. Being messy is because she's 4; making mistakes will teach her lessons that I am unable to by preventing her from making them.

It takes a lot of concentration, though. I think Beckett finished his within minutes and was ready to eat his lollipop! A glob of black here, a glob of green there, voila! Beckett had his masterpiece.

I let them have fun playing in the straw, knowing full well we would have to come home and take baths so the kids weren't itching and sneezing all day. It definitely made for fun pictures.

A picture with beautiful Hannah. My kids adore her.

It took a few tries and many moms acting silly, but we got a picture of all 3 kids looking at the camera.

Phew! Here it is.

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