Thursday, August 06, 2009

Girl's Guide

Several weeks ago (maybe a month) I posted a link to the Guy's Guide for Marrying Well from Boundless Webzine and now they have come out with the Girl's Guide.

I haven't completely read through it yet, but here are some articles in there that would be helpful to many single ladies I know:

  • Not Your Buddy (an article about being intimate friends with a guy...Allen and I could give you some insight on this as it played out in our friendship/courtship if this is something you are dealing with)
  • When He's Not Asking (an article that delves into the girl/guy friendship when she's ready and he's non-commital)
  • What Happened to Courtships (a well-written article about how proper courtships were abandoned during the sexual revolution)
  • Other Probing Questions (great questions for dads with older/potentially courting daughters)
  • You Need a Network (an article for those without involved parents)

And I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes,

"Marriage is 98% living and 2% looking - so learn to value character over appearance"

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