Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Picture Time!

I realize that I've been slacking in the area of pictures lately, or so my family has told me. Here are some semi-recent ones to hold them over until I can upload a few more from my camera:

My beautiful shower cake, courtesy Sweet Memories

Brittney, Mom and Me at the shower

Me and Allen at the pool (a rare moment without kids)

The kids playing with play-doh (Beckett sneaking a playdoh snack, no doubt)

The Duty girls

As far as an update on the kids, here are some funny tidbits:

Taylor Joy has become quite the prayer warrior. Her prayers go on for several minutes and during that time you would likely hear a sweet little girl just talking to God, like so:

"And God I just like to play with my Leapster and sometimes I take pictures with my camera phone and sometimes I just don't feel like it..."

"And God please please God please just help Beckett to not wake up"

"And help me and Beckett to play sweet together"

"Thank you for a wonderful day"

God must be delighted to hear such pure, simple prayers.

The other day Allen asked Taylor Joy what she had been doing and she didn't know. He prompted her with asking if she had been playing with Beckett and she responded, "Oh yeah! I forgot about that!" As if she does much else during the day.

We were in the car yesterday and she informed me that "Me and Beckett are going to get married. But first Beckett has to go to work. And I have to go to work too. He works in McKinney and I work in Dallas." Oh really...

As far as Beckett is concerned, he has been up to quite a bit himself. He jabbers constantly and has begun stringing up to 4 words together at a time. He ALWAYS knows what he's saying and we FREQUENTLY are puzzled by the jibberish that flows from his mouth. He sings "Holy Holy Holy" (just those words) and the B-I-B-L-E song as well. He is growing up to be quite a big boy, yet still a cuddly little guy. I'm so thankful the Lord granted me a cuddler. There's nothing like it!

The new baby in my tummy is doing great as well. Nothing much to report except that I have 3 weeks left, according to my due date and we will just have to see if that really comes to pass with the many contractions I am already having. This baby needs to stay put at least another week and a half. I'm going to post a poll soon to see who everyone thinks is in my tummy!

Stay tuned!

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