Saturday, November 01, 2008

Reformation Day & Halloween Pics

Ever since Halloween (a whole day) I've been getting threats from my family to see pictures from Halloween. Family... (who will go unnamed)...the kids are in bed and I'm now able to upload pics. Be entertained. Laugh. Smile. Here below is your heart's desire:

Our family: The Reformation Fairy, The Pope, a maiden (NOT a Renaissance Barbie, which I was called), and Baby Spidey.

Luther (aka Jason) and the Pope

The Reformation Fairies

Sully and his mommy

Now onto Halloween pics:

Taylor Joy, Annie and PJ

Beckett and his G-pa

My sweet little Spidey

Superman Treston playing with our Fairy Princess
Pirates Nathaniel and great.

Wizard of Oz crew

Napolean and Deb (aka the Garratts)

I'm not writing much...I told Allen I would be done in 2 minutes. Enjoy! I may elaborate later.

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  1. Oh my gosh thank you Kinnard for being Luther... amazing.


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