Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Challenge

John Newton Challenge

Allen and I were pleasantly surprised to receive mail regarding this family devotional challenge, especially with John Newton's face on the front. Allen just finished up reading John Newton's biography, so that was a familiar face to see.

This is a challenge to spur families to intentionally disciple their children. It gives parents a free 52-week Bible reading plan to use and there are people all around the nation that have committed to doing this. How exciting! What if revival really started in the homes because of this!

Some practical tips from John Newton:

"I think, with you, that it is very expedient and proper that reading a portion of the word of God should be ordinarily a part of our family worship; so likewise to sing a hymn or psalm, or part of one, at discretion; provided there are some people in the family who have enough of a musical ear and voice to conduct the singing in a tolerable manner: otherwise, perhaps, it may be omitted...If you read and sing, as well as pray, care should be taken that the combined services do not run into an incovenient length."

In addition, here is the sermon Allen preached 2 weeks ago regarding Home Discipleship and an Online Hymnbook sorted by Title and with demos to hear the tune.

Purpose of Family Worship
Family Discipleship

Are you up for the challenge? Comment here if you are going to do this and we can spur each other on!

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