Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Safety Patrol

It turns out that our daughter is head of the Safety Patrol. At least that's what we are hearing by the things that she says. In case you don't know Taylor, she is very cautious, slow to jump in and concerned about safety. Here are just a few things she has said in the past few weeks.

We were at the pool one day and our friend Mallory began to spin Taylor in the float. She told Mallory, "That is NOT SAFE!"

She also told me the same thing one day when I had picked up Beckett's bumbo and told Taylor I was putting it in the car for Beckett to take to the splashpad. She told me that it was NOT SAFE (in a very serious voice) because she thought I was going to let Beckett ride in there.

When she sees an outlet sometimes she will say, "That will KILL!", also in a very serious tone.

When we are driving she will talk about how there are lots of cars ("tars") and we need to be "tareful" and how all the cars need to "STOP", said very matter of factly.

So, there's your safety lesson from Taylor Joy. Don't spin in floats in the pool. Don't ride in Bumbos in the car. Don't touch outlets. And stop your car when you see the Duty's driving on by.

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  1. Brittney12:51 PM

    My favorite is the outlet.. she is hilarious.

    I got a safety warning when I was tickling her. She told me that was NOT SAFE. I even got a hand in my face.. she was very serious.


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