Thursday, July 03, 2008


Oh my! June has been a whirlwind of great proportions! We often look forward to summer saying that it will be relaxing and low key, but then the Lord has something different in mind.

Can I just say we are GLAD that June is finally over?

My heart has been heavy all month long, starting with the passing of my 49-year-old Uncle Joe and then with the passing of 9-day-old Abby, the newborn of a precious family in our church body.

I can't begin to express my emotions over everything. Many times I wanted to just break down and lose it. Many times I did. Other times I felt completely in control (of myself at least) because I felt like Jesus was my solid rock to stand on.

Some things I've realized through this month:

-We are so not in control, even when we think we are

-Life is but the blink of an eye (most of the funerals I've been to in my life have NOT been because of old age)

- There aren't any words we can say that heal the grieving, only the Lord and His words. This has made it easier for me to talk to the grieving families, knowing nothing I can do or say will heal, but to let them know that I'm mourning with them may be the greatest comfort they can receive from me. All I can do is point them back to the Lord and pray that He is the comfort that they turn to, not people, not things, not anything except Him.

-our church body is AMAZING and growing all the time...I would always want to be part of a body like this in good and bad times, for sure

-I have to be so intentional with what the Lord is doing in my life...not that He depends on me, but that I can be the light He's called me to be for however long that is.

-Being in control of your life isn't actually a good thing. When we think we're in control and hold to tightly to the things in our lives, we're actually putting those things in the place of God instead of Him. I've seen this in my life and it causes so much stress in the relationships around you, especially when what you're holding onto is a person.

I feel like I'm in a healthy place right now spiritually. The Lord used June (we'll just call the collaboration of events, June right now) to teach me many things that I have a hard time even putting into words, but can sense that He's stretching me and taking me to a place of growth I've never been before.

I do praise Him for that.

I'll continue to pray for those families. I've heard the feelings of sadness are worst after everyone has gone home and they are all alone. I've heard the hardest times may come a year after the death of their loved one. The hardest times may be after the busyness of life slows down.

I know that they will continue to need our support.

I pray that July will be a month of rejoicing with others instead of mourning with them. I pray that He can use something different to grow us this month. Pray with me.

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