Wednesday, February 27, 2008

These are my newest absolute favorite thing! MMMMmmm! Just looking at the box makes me drool. Seriously if you haven't tried these you should go buy some today! They are yummylicious! They say "lightly cinnamon" but I always try to find the ones that are COATED with cinnamon. Those are the best! I could literally eat a whole box at one sitting. I guess that's okay since they are Wheat Thins? I mean, it must have wheat and whole grains in it, right? I hope that logic works! Tell me if you buy them, try them and like them! And if you ever want to make me smile, just bring me over a box!


  1. Brittney4:36 PM

    Yummy.. I'll get you as many boxes as you want but you have to come pick them up.

  2. i'm so excited to try them! i LOVE wheat thins period so I will have to check into these new ones. thanks for sharing kendra!

  3. already tried them when we were at your house last and I totally forgot about them. Yummy! I may go buy some soon. Thanks for the reminder :)


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