Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Taylor Joyisms

Today Taylor Joy has started to say, "Hey Dude!" to everyone and everything in our house, including Beckett. I don't even know where she heard that from...who says that? She also calls him "Buddy Boy" sometimes, which I just think is hilarious.

The cutest thing she has done with Beckett was yesterday when she saw him spitting up and yelled, "SPIT UP! BURP RAG!" and ran to get a burp rag and then ever so gently wiped his lips for the tiniest bit of spit up. After that she held his hand and said, "Pray." That sweet little girl wanted to pray with him! So we said a little prayer of thanks for buddy boy.

Her favorite thing to do with Beckett is to share with him and once she has shared one thing and I tell her, "Oh Taylor, how sweet!" she goes and gets a million other things to share with him until he is surrounded with her sweetness!

They sure are livin' up to their precious little shirts...


  1. WOW- He has changed so much already.

  2. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I LOVE your babies!!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of all the sweetness!


  3. Awww...that is a cute picture!! Where did you get those darling t-shirts???

  4. Therese,

    Their Aunt B got them from Babies R Us...you will need those soon!

  5. very cute! I am cracking up trying to picture her bringing Beckett like all of her toys to share at once. Hahhaa. so funny :) Love you Kenners!


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