Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm so bad...

Sorry guys. I've been such a bad blogger lately. I have plenty of reason, but still...forgive me?

I've been pretty busy these last few weeks, but nonetheless managed to take some pictures of the cuties.

Here are some pictures from Christmas: some pre-Beckett and of course some Beckett ones as well. Enjoy!

I hope to post more once this little guy moves to his own room and leaves ours (where the computer is!).

I actually have a minute now so I want to update on Taylor Joy, who is almost 20 months! Wow!

Taylor Joy is absolutely in LOVE and in AWE of her brother Beckett. I think her life goal is to be able to hold him, so we try to accommodate that every now and then by "helping" her to hold him. I am pretty convinced that even in her rough moments with him that her motives are pure. The main reasons she gets in trouble with him are when she kisses him too hard or tries to pick him up.

All in all she has done so wonderfully with him. Please continue to pray for her as it IS still a hard time for her. She's learning to play by herself and entertain herself. She's learning how to be gentle with Beckett. She's learning that life isn't all about her and we want her to succeed. Desperately.

Taylor Funnies:

One day Allen said "Taylor Joy!" and she replied, "DUTY!" The main reason it was so funny was that we never taught her that. I think I told her that once awhile ago but I'm thinking somebody else MUST have taught her that but we have no idea who! So anyways, she definitely knows her name and she is proud of it!

She is a total clean freak. Every time she's eating in her high chair she asks for a "nappin" (napkin) anytime any little thing gets on her hands, face or tray. She also shouts out "OH NO!" in the most dramatic little voice. It makes us laugh every time because it's absolutely as if the world must stop because a crumb fell.

When we tell Taylor Joy that she's the best sister or something is the best, she replies, "Best EVER!" We found this out by saying she was the best sister one day and later found out she learned it from Nanny who told her during tea parties that her tea was the "best EVER!"

Okay, that's it! Enjoy! I have to go now for real!


  1. Kendra, I love the new pictures! Beckett is so handsome :) I am glad things seem to be going well for The Duty's!

  2. Hey Girl--

    How's two going for you? Let me know if you need some relief! I wouldn't mind taking at least the non-nursing one to go run around somewhere for an hour or two. It would give me a good idea on what it would be like to have three! Hope to see ya'll soon!



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