Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

I seriously can't believe we've been married for three years! In a sense it feels like it has flown by and we've done WAY too much stuff to have crammed it all into three another sense I feel we know each other in a way that we should be having our 10 year anniversary! Marriage is crazy like that!

Listen to all the stuff we've done...

Getting married, 6 week hunniemoon (yep! our jobs hadn't started yet!), moving to NC, creating a new life together, new jobs, church hopping, trying to find couple friends, buying a house, only living there for 6 months before we moved back to C.S., coming home to our church family at Living Hope, being close to family, having a baby girl, going back to seminary, doing a million things at once, finding out baby #2 is on the way, our princess turning one... isn't this too much to cram into 3 years!?! (and I left a lot out...)

Life is so much fun when we're together.

I tell people who are engaged this all the time (not to scare them!) but, compared to the way I know you now, I might as well have been walking down the aisle to a stranger! And we had known each other for 4 years!

Walking with you through life is fun, wonderful, sweet, organized, sometimes spontaneous, and always's simply AMAZING!

I love you way more today than over 5 years ago when we started dating...I love you tons more than the day we got married 3 years ago...and I love you more today than yesterday. Everyday with you is my fairy tale.

I love you, boo bear!


  1. Brittney1:59 PM

    Happy 3rd Anniversary! It's always a joy to me to hear how happy Allen makes you.

    Love you guys.

  2. Aww! Happy 3rd anniversary Allen and Kendra! Time flys!

  3. Happy Anniversary Allen & Kendra! I can not believe it will be 5 years for Justin and I in July. Time does fly.

    Y'all are a blessing to us!

    Love y'all!!

  4. Love it! So proud of you guys.

  5. You two are some of my favorite family. It is the greatest blessing to watch y'all. Happy Anniversary!


  6. Happy Anniversary!


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