Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Taylor Update!

My Uncle Ship came in town this weekend and we had so much fun together. He came all the way from Indiana to see me. Yippee! I showed him how I can squeal and put my hands in my mouth. He also got to see my rolling over trick (see below).

In other news, I am teething! It's been fun to wake up so many times at night and see mom and dad.

Guess what else? I will be 4 months old on Sunday. I am a big girl! Mom says I am weighing in at 14 lbs these days.

I am also getting really good at rolling over. At nighttime I do it and then I can't go back to sleep. But mom or dad always comes to get me and roll me back. Check out the footage!

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Taylor Tot


  1. Way to go Taylor! While I was watching this, Josiah was playing in his exersaucer. He heard the baby sounds and looked up and watched it too! He smiled and laughed the whole time.

  2. Aunt B2:26 PM

    Happy 4 months, Taylor Joy! I'm thinking about you today.

    Love the videos.. keep them coming!


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